A few weeks working with David contributed to a qualitative shift in my ability to work through longstanding blocks including childhood trauma and related family conflict. His sensitive manner and gentle prompting created for me a safe space where I could open up about stories I’ve seldom shared while seeing them in new lights. David helped me develop insights into my personal history and, equally important, new tools to draw on when weighing options and finding positive ways forward.

cis male client

David has held space for a more liberated life to take place/shape for me by sharing light and hope that his own path which supports self empowerment and sovereignity.  David had made an effort in my opinion to co-create enough safety and trust/rapport so that deeper healing can begin.
He has encouraged my wellness unconditionally through the ups and downs and around and arounds of this healing journey.  He has been helpful to talk with about grief/loss..successes and failure…sabotoging tendencies without adding further shame or judgement

individual client