I made a verbal contract with David about how I needed to feel my feelings instead of getting lost in my head. I was impressed with how well this worked for me and I was able to get to some really painful childhood memories that allowed me to heal or begin to heal—up until then I just kept refreshing the same old hurts. The work with David helped me to feel the pain I have inside of me. I must have been ready…. Instead of talking on and on David gently drew me back to become aware of what was happening in my body with my feelings and emotions…. David was an example of how healthy men can be in my life. Thank you David.

cis female client

David has shared a teaching style of therapy where he has shared with me in a way that leads me to learn for myself…specifically learning how to say no (developing boundaries) learning what a boundary is and how to set one.  Socratic method/style of teaching is how I experience David as a guide/co-pilot/mentor..perhaps leadership style

individual client