David seems to be understanding of real life challenges and for this reason I am able to feel safe from judgement and bring honesty to the sessions – what I truly am challenged with as it relates to the practical side of life and the mundane everyday internal and external struggles (he is relatable).
David puts an emphasis on caring (bringing caring awareness to the diffrent aspects of the self).  He makes room for what is and doesn’t use force as a strategy.  Powerful yet gentle, progressive yet tender as it relates to moving forward from the debiliating effects of childhood trauma.

individual client

The counselling process was very valuable…. It helped us focus on the issues we needed to work on, and to connect on many different levels—emotional and spiritual—helping my husband and I communicate/express what was going on for us…. Making a positive and warm connection with David was very worthwhile…. We both felt very heard and understood…. If I didn’t understand David, he would explain himself in a professional and personable manner…. We felt very comfortable with David right away.

heterosexual couple

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