David brings and allows creativity and spontanaeity to the sessions which to me means he is sharing his vulnerable side yet in a professional way that focuses on the clients needs during the session.  This helps me feel less alone and isolated in my challenges bringing color and light into some wounds where there has only been darkness/void/emptiness/disconnection
He has maintained a steady conistently caring presence in our sessions together and has offered enthusiasm and encouragement for my journey and has not abused his position of power thus far which has been instrumental in my movement towards wholeness and healing/self love.

gender fluid client

David has shared a teaching style of therapy where he has shared with me in a way that leads me to learn for myself…specifically learning how to say no (developing boundaries) learning what a boundary is and how to set one.  Socratic method/style of teaching is how I experience David as a guide/co-pilot/mentor..perhaps leadership style

individual client