“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  Dr. Seuss

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What is coaching?  Coaching is a means of helping individuals realize what they want. It usually focuses on a particular goal or goals and delves into our deeper beliefs and values and how these impact our actions. Coaching can help us make different choices, so we are able to actualize more of what we want. Although coaching can stir up emotions from the past, this is not always the case. It’s mostly about clarifying goals and removing obstacles, helping people discover what they love and/or what is important to them, and then figuring out how to realize these more effectively. For me, this is invigorating work. You learn; I learn. We both win.

Coaching is also for groups or teams. Learning from and with each other in a group can be highly catalytic. Being part of a well-functioning group engaged in and working towards a common intention is invigorating.

Would coaching be a good approach for you or your group?  Coaching can benefit people open to learning new things and wanting more. These include individuals or groups keen to improve their lives and function, whether this is in a non-profit organization, a business, a profession, or in some other setting. Can you see benefit from an outside perspective – someone listening attentively, reflecting back what is being said, asking questions, offering alternative perspectives, and drawing on yours or your groups knowledge. Would you benefit from aligning your goals and values, and learning how to be more effective in creating the results that are most meaningful for you?

I work with individuals and with groups, including work teams and organizations. I particularly enjoy coaching challenges that involve being an effective and impassioned leader, creating clear intentions, learning, strengthening the conditions that enhance group effectiveness, and tapping into deeper personal meaning. I draw on my experience from leadership training in my Masters program from Bastyr University and Integral Coaching® training.


What could you expect in the coaching process?  Coaching involves regular meeting times—face-to-face or electronically. In most cases it includes co-created tasks—”homework”— to be completed between meetings, phone calls, email follow-up and the use of other resources, all of which would be catered to whatever best suits yours or your groups way of learning.

What results might you expect?

  • added clarity of what you want in your life or in your workplace
  • the actualization of what you want
  • a heightened sense of well-being, including an improved sense of self
  • enhanced leadership skills – strengthened impact on others through increased personal authenticity
  • an awareness of practices that will enhance your well-being and effectiveness
  • skills and resources to help you respond effectively in challenging situations (“response-ability”)
  • an increased awareness of aspects of your life that aren’t working and how to remedy this
  • an improved sense of work-life balance

I work particularly well with clients who:Tofino - sand spiral

  • take responsibility for their lives;
  • keep an open mind;
  • want to foster their what is most meaningful to them;
  • wish to make a difference;
  • desire a more effective work environment.

My particular gifts

  • I can readily access people’s passions.
  • I can draw on your strengths and help you build positive momentum from them
  • I know how to have fun while keeping it “real.”
  • I understand the need to discover conditions that allow us to flourish.
  • I understand the power of being authentic—being true to yourself. I am freely willing to share my own thoughts and experiences when appropriate. I won’t pretend.
  • I can work intuitively.
  • I can create a safe, nurturing setting for learning.
  • I have a rich life experience to draw on. I’ve been doing my own personal growth work for a long time, am well-travelled, have worked in a variety of settings and am a parent.
  • I am committed to professionalism.

Where would we meet?  I offer a private and beautiful office setting only a few minutes from Ganges.  We could work in this space or any other mutually agreeable location—whether work space or home—or by Skype or phone.

Please phone my confidential cell 250-221-7243 or email me to book an appointment or to arrange for a free 30-minute consultation to give us the opportunity to determine whether we could work well together.