Does this describe you?

I don’t believe we were ever meant to have to go it alone.  I believe that we are meant to help others and should be willing to ask for and receive help ourselves. We’re in this together. 


As an individual or couple seeking counseling or coaching, you want someone who will be there for you—someone who will interact with you confidentially, insightfully, compassionately, professionally.

You may be feeling that something is missing in your life.  You may have a sense that something is lacking in your interactions with others. Or you may wish to tune into and clarify your deeper needs. While you understand that knowing what you don’t want is a stepping stone to finding out what you do want, you may feel that you’re floundering and that you need help to clarify your confused thoughts and find a way forward that doesn’t leave you feeling discouraged or perhaps even depressed. You understand that counselling and coaching may make you feel vulnerable, and recognize that this is a normal part of shifting your life positively.

You have a sense that more is possible in your life. You are open to learning new things and understand that having someone to support you can greatly enlarge your horizon. You are not necessarily looking for advice but, rather, new ways of looking at things. You also understand that changing old patterns involves practice. You want to be able to respond to new or ongoing situations in ways that serve you better, whether to make you feel better in the moment or to help you make the most of the rest of your life.

Or perhaps you have a particular professional goal and want help to learn to feel more effective or fulfilled in your work. You want to work with someone who can clarify what is meaningful for you, enhance what’s working, and let go of what isn’t. You are interested in what being a better leader is all about.

As a work group or organization seeking help, you want someone to help you clarify your thoughts, increase your effectiveness and improve your sense of working as a team. 

You or your colleagues may feel unclear, unsure and unable to create or sustain positive momentum. Your group may know what it wants but doesn’t know how to get there; previous f2724dd28f72fed0de61a9f5e395948eattempts have been ineffective or frustrating. It seems as though it should be simple to achieve your goals, yet that hasn’t proved to be the case at all. While you would like to put your best foot forward, shifting from a mindset of impossible to possible, you have come to realize that you require outside support and perspective.

You know the value of being listened to.

As an individual or couple (or as a work group or organization), you are clear about the kind of counsellor or coach you are looking for. You want someone to be present with you, reflecting back what you are saying and what appears to be unsaid.  You want to be able to express your thoughts roughly and know that this is okay. You would like someone who is non-judgemental and makes space for who you are. You know the value of being listened to, having the space to reflect and discovering opportunities for making different choices based on your insights. You are a person or group who want to enhance your life or your work.