About Me

“What should I be but just what I am?”   Edna St. Vincent Millay

Who am I?_MG_6532  I’ve lived in different cities, travelled to different places, learned different languages. And I’ve always been interested in people.

Since graduating from McGill many years ago, I’ve had a broad range of experience. I’ve worked in daycare in Sweden and, back in Canada, in special education, counselling, business, coaching business and non-profit clients, human resources management, and organizational consulting within private business. I’ve also furthered my education with studies related to counselling and coaching.

I love learning, spending time with friends and my family (my partner and I are the parents of one school-aged kid and one graduated adult), being outdoors, writing, reading, travel, good food, and new experiences. I feel inspired by people who are actively engaged in what they love to do and inherently curious about those conditions and practices that help us, as individuals and groups of individuals, thrive and create what we want of life.

I’ve been fortunate to live on Salt Spring Island since 1989. Being part of—and of service to—my community is important to me.

What are my core beliefs around self-fulfillment?  I believe that it is vitally important to our self-fulfillment to:

  • find excitement in life;
  • accept ourselves for who we are;
  • realize what it is we truly want;
  • make new choices and adopt new practices that help us thrive;
  • engage wholeheartedly in life; and
  • be able to communicate who we are to the world.

c213a8f372be3e882f6af8f038dc033eWhat are my qualifications?

  • BA from McGill University
  • MA in Applied Behavioural Science (Systems Counselling) from Bastyr University, in association with LIOS, the Leadership Institute of Seattle
  • Certificate in Integral Coaching® training
  • registered member (#11571) of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • certificate in lay counselling and the provision of lay counselling as a lay counsellor training assistant from Esquimalt Neighbourhood House
  • training in facilitation, non-violent communication (NVC), the Virtues Project™

How might I help you?  I am always excited about helping my clients—whether individuals, couples or groups—realize their potential. I’ll look at the issues that are front and centre for you or for your group. I’ll work with you to discover the underlying drivers of particular behaviours and then together we will address these. My approach is to build on what’s working, building awareness and discovery. Together we can create alternative possibilities for getting more of what you want. I work both seriously and with a sense of humour.

What I have looked for when I needed a counsellor _MG_6378edor coach?

When I have sought counselling or coaching myself, I have looked for people who are professional—highly confidential, personable, skilled, willing to share aspects of themselves, who create a welcoming work environment, and engage me (and others) in learning about myself (ourselves).

What can I offer you?  My deepest commitment is to learning and growing. I do this by engaging with others in my counselling and coaching practice, helping them learn and grow by stimulating meaningful conversations and personal exchanges with them, asking questions and ensuring their understanding of the answers. I offer a private and beautiful office setting only a few minutes from Ganges and a practice built on professionalism, privacy and confidentiality (including both a private email and phone line).

What do I provide when I counsel/coach?

  • Outside Bldga private and comfortable space (or willingness to work in your space)
  • professionalism, privacy in our communications and confidentiality
  • a safe environment
  • life experience
  • enhanced self-discovery
  • a focus on wholeness
  • building on what is already working
  • comfort with a wide range of feelings, thoughts, and emotions
  • a feeling of connection
  • warmth, caring and compassion

Thanks to Melinda Divers for photography and Natasha Kong for logo and design on this site!